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XML in Netsuite
smbXML Queries
Supported Elements

sTToXML and Netsuite

Netsuite’s XML language, smbXML, is the first language supported by sTToXML

Need Individual Service?

Stonehaven Technology is available to convert your data to XML.  Save time and headaches.  No need to learn any XML.  Visit the Personal Data Conversion page.

Advantages of sTToXML  for Netsuite users?

Easily Prepare New Data for Netsuite!

1. Select and download a spreadsheet template from sTToXML .  The template's columns may be customized per your NetSuite setup preferences.

2. Populate the easy to understand spreadsheet and upload it to sTToXML. An exclusive, valid XML document will automatically be created ready for upload to Netsuite.

Easily Make Mass Changes in Existing Netsuite Information!

1. Download an XML document of data from NetSuite.

2. Use sTToXML to convert the XML document to a spreadsheet ready for easy mass changes.

3. Use sTToXML to convert the revised spreadsheet back to XML ready for upload to NetSuite


smbXML XML query files are used to export information from Netsuite.  Click here for examples.

sTToXML Pricing and Signup 

Visit the sTToXML Product Matrix page for:

  • Configurations

  • Pricing

  • Sign-up

  • Demonstration sign-up

  • Renewals 

Your Data is Secure

Security of your data is an integral segment of sTToXML's coding and business philosophy

sTToXML and smbXML vs. Netsuite's CSV Import:

  • sTToXML spreadsheet templates supports all 50 plus importable tables vs. the 11 tables accessible via .CSV.  Click here for a detailed XML vs. CSV comparison
  • sTToXML's dynamic templates can be expanded for multiple parent records, addresses, store categories, category levels, etc.
  • Import / edit store categories for all list elements including inventory, service, non-inventory items, etc.

sTToXML and Netsuite

  • sTToXML has been optimized to support the Netsuite community and its XML language, smbXML.

  • All smbXML importable elements are automatically supported. Click here for a list of supported smbxml elements. 

  • New smbxml DTD versions are supported within 24 hours of notification.

  • sTToXML will suggest the most logical setup for template setup i.e. which element field to use when there is a choice, or which attribute to use.

  • There is no limit on the number of store categories and their levels supported by sTToXML.

sTToXML and Web Services

Netsuite will start offering web services in 2005.  However, the smbxml interface will still available for the next couple years.

  • sTToXML's pay-as-you-go configurations allows users to transition to web services at their own pace if they desire to do so.  Users are not required to make any long-term commitments to use sTToXML.

  • sTToXML's support for multiple XML languages means it has a long service-life; therefore, sTToXML will continue to be developed indefinitely.

Netsuite Custom Fields are supported
Reusable Templates / Custom Field Mapping

Free Technical Support

Stonehaven Technology uses Netsuite as it ERP / accounting / web store back-end.  We understand Netsuite and can help our customers with incorporating sTToXML and XML into their use of Netsuite:

  • smbxml XML Queries for exporting and importing data from and to Netsuite.
  • Further customization of sTToXML generated templates to match individual Netsuite requirements.
  • Proactive Support.  Being an Internet-based application allows sTToXML to offer "proactive" support.  A message is automatically sent to technical support when a user has a problem or issue within sTToXML.  Technical support is then able to quickly respond to the user with assistance in proceeding with sTToXML.

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