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sTToXML = Security

  • SSL encryption is used to protect the connection between sTToXML and your computer.
  • Customer conversion information is only on the sTToXML servers just long enough for conversion.  Your uploaded source is automatically deleted after it has been converted.
  • Your generated target file will be assigned a very random filename/URL that only you will know. It is only displayed in your UI screen and in the summary report emailed to you.
  • Stonehaven Technology does not capture or store the filename or URL of your generated target file.
  • You can easily, explicitly delete your created target file from sTToXML after it has been downloaded it to your computer.  Any lingering target files will be deleted from sTToXML after 24 hours.
  • sTToXML is protected by a username / password login to prevent abuse of the system.
  • Stonehaven Technology uses strongly-enforced internal rules and procedures to extend the protection of your company and personal information.

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