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How to use XML in Netsuite

The XML option is within Netsuite after login. You may
  • download information by uploading a query XML file (think of it as an instruction file) or
  • upload information by uploading an XML file which is populated with your information or records.

1. Start and login into Netsuite.
2. Select the options Transactions / Other / Submit XML Document. This will bring you to the Submit XML Document screen.

3. Use the browse option to surf to the XML file located on your local computer.  Select it so it is listed in the Select XML Document field.
4. Type in a name of your choice in the Job name field.
5. Click the Submit button. You will then be taken to the Job Status screen.

6. Click the Refresh button periodically on the Job Status screen and notice the Status column. It will eventually change to 'Finished' once your information is ready for download. Your XML file is ready for download via the XML Response link on the Job Status screen.
7. Right-click XML Response link and use the option 'Save Target As' or similar and then follow the onscreen instructions to save the XML file to your local hard-drive.

The XML file you just downloaded will contain the Netsuite fields and values request via a query file or display the results of a XML document upload.

Note: XML files may be opened and edited with a number of programs especially Internet browsers, text editors or word processing programs. Stonehaven Technology typically uses Windows WordPad and Altova XMLSpy.


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