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Stonehaven Technology Terms of Service

Stonehaven Technology is a service oriented company understanding that prompt and reliable performance is a expected deliverable for its customers and clients:

1. Subscription accounts will be enabled within one business day of order receipt. The subscription term only begins after the account is enabled. (A ten percent credit is available if a subscription account is not enabled within our one business day commitment.)

2. Subscription services are hosted on commercial servers with exceptional uptime. (Credit is available in case of system unavailability. See the refund policy for details.)

3. Confidentiality Agreements.  Stonehaven Technology will abide by its customer's confidentiality agreements.  Please forward the confidentiality agreement to Stonehaven Technology for an authorized signature when required.

4. Customer account and password information.  Occasionally, projects include Stonehaven Technology being setup as a user in a customer system.  Stonehaven Technology will treat any login information as customer confidential information and will not disclose such information to anyone.

3. Unlimited, no charge technical support is always available.

sTToXML™ Security
1. The software automatically deletes uploaded files as soon as they have been read into memory (even before the conversion has finished).
2. The user has an onscreen link to delete the just created target file after conversion (after he downloads it to his local computer.)
3. Any target files which are still lingering are deleted after 24 hours.
4. Our tracking functions do not capture the user's target file URL anywhere. The only place it's shown or stored is on the user's screen and in his conversion report email message. We do capture the filename (but not the file) of uploaded files for system security concerns.
5. The software runs inside of secure socket layer (SSL) secured browser sessions.
6. Company internal policies address the security of customer files and information directly e.g. no attempts to intercept customer data or passwords, etc.
7. All user forms where sensitive or proprietary information are entered are displayed within SSL secured browser windows.

December 28, 2005


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